Overschoenen Aerofit 700 zwart

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DSM : 15252

Ontworpen voor: intensief fietsen bij koude en/of regen (3 uur en langer per rit).

Superlicht en elastisch. Gladde buitenstof voor de aerodynamica. Verstevigde zool. Binnenin verstevigd. Getest en goed bevonden door de profrenners van FDJ.com tijdens het seizoen 2014.

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Winddichte stof voor een uitstekend thermisch comfort.


Extra dun neopreen (0,3 mm) met thermogelaste naden.


Heel licht en compact neopreen dat in een zak van het shirt past.


Reflecterende inzet op de rug.


Waterdichtheid van de stof

Waterdichtheid van een stof is het vermogen om de regen buiten te houden. Men meet de weerstand van een stof tegen een waterdruk uitgedrukt in mm waterkolom (test gebaseerd op de ISO-norm 811). Hoe hoger die waarde, hoe beter de stof waterdicht is. Een stof met een waterdichtheid van 2000 mm is dus bestand tegen de waterdruk uitgeoefend door 2000 m water (wat ongeveer overeenstemt met een bui van 2 uur).

Het belang van een winddichte stof

De snelheid terwijl je fietst verhoogt aanzienlijk het koudegevoel. Bij een temperatuur van 10° bedraagt bij een snelheid van 25 km/u de gevoelstemperatuur nog 7°C. Winddichte kleding houdt de koude wind buiten en vermindert zo het warmteverlies van je lichaam.


Wassen in de machine op 30 °C. Op een programma voor synthetische stoffen. Het product binnenstebuiten draaien. Weinig waspoeder gebruiken. Wassen zonder wasverzachter. Laten drogen op een kleerhanger, in een warme en goed verluchte ruimte. Niet in de droger stoppen. Niet chemisch reinigen. Niet behandelen met chloor. Niet op de verwarming leggen.


Onze productontwikkelaars van het B'TWIN Village in het Franse Lille zoeken voortdurend naar oplossingen om het comfort van alle fietsers te verbeteren. Voor hen is het een heuse obsessie om producten te bedenken die helemaal voldoen aan de noden van elke gebruiker en het fietsplezier verhogen. Die producten worden vervolgens getest in gebruik, we zijn er immers van overtuigd dat we enkel door ze te testen in reële omstandigheden onze producten voortdurend kunnen verbeteren.


3 /5
23 Reviews
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V1 - awesome! V2 - rubbish!
I have had quite a few pairs of these overshoes, I have actually lost count, but >5. Up until now they have been a godsend on my daily commute. The shoes (with daily wear) usually last about 3 months before the zip breaks and the neoprene falls apart. However, for 3 months you have warm, and most importantly DRY, feet. Thus, ~£15 is a small price to pay every 3 months.
Recently I stocked up and purchased 2 pairs! But discovered (to my dismay) that the design had changed! They were a lot tighter fit (on my Shimano cycling shoes), also they had gained a little velcro tab over the zip. However, I got them on an set off in the rain..., my feet were totally soaked within 5min!! Nooooo! I gave them the benefit of the doubt, dried them out, re-fitted, tried again on a different day..., same again, soaked through almost immediately! If you are going to change the design of something, then make it better! And don't destroy the the thing that makes them good, i.e., they WERE 100% waterproof!!
I returned my 2nd pair and got a no quibbles refund. However, what I really want is the V1 overshoe and my dry feet, sadly I won't be buying any further and can no longer recommend this product.
antwoord van het merk
Hello Mr Davies,

Thank you for your detailed review for this product. I'm sorry to hear that the changes made to this product has made the product a poorer quality. I will pass on your review to the product manager so they can take a look at the product and make sure this was a one off. 
I'm happy to hear you got the refund without any hassle.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
Should be removed of the market
Not water proof at all
As in one of the reviews above, I've always been a consistent fan of decathlon accesories but this product was a massive dissapointment. I just bought them 2 week ago. In cold dry weather does the job but then 2 rides of 30 min undet light rain and my feet were completely soaked. I managed to dry my trainers/socks in the changing room at work but after this, way back home without any rain and just some water on the road the same again. I'm sure I would had a more comfortable and dryer ride if I didn't use them at all. I honestly believe this item should be removed of the market
antwoord van het merk
Dear Sir
Indeed these overshoes (and the vast majority of overshoes available from cycle retailers) are designed to work with road or MTB specific shoes which accept cleats. They are not designed to work with everyday shoes.I agree that it does not say it on this model and when I scour the web it rarely does. No excuse really so I've just asked the product manager who creates the product cards to add this to the description. It would avoid disappointing customers and would better manage their expectations of this type of product. It is also important to highlight the fact that the fabrics on oversheos are waterproof. Of this there is no doubt. But (and it's a bit but), water invariably penetrates from underneath the shoe (road splashes) and runs down the leg into the shoe over time as well. Not using mudguards also makes matters worse as tyre spray hits the toe of the shoe making it very wet.  As a regular cyclist myself (as well as many of my friends in my club), we've tried everything and eventually water gets in but there are measures we take to slow this process down a lot. We even tape up all the holes in my road cycling shoes in the winter to reduce the risk.
You can of course return them to us if you are not happy with them.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
Leaked both times I've used them.
Very lightweight
Not waterproof
I'm normally an evangelist for Decathlon gear - use loads of it for both cycling and walking and it's usually excellent. Unfortunately, however, these overshoes are rubbish. Don't know if I got a duff pair but they are categorically not waterproof. They leaked on a 20-minute commute in moderate rain and leaked again on a 4-hour ride dealing with nothing but road spray. Very cold, very wet feet by the end of that one :(

Can't recommend this product - probably better off with thicker neoprene and some waterproof socks for winter riding.
antwoord van het merk
Hello Dave,

Sorry to hear that this product hasn't worked as you'd hoped. I own a pair of these and found them great! If you could let me know in a bit more detail about where your feet were wet that would be great to feed back to the product manager though I think you may have a duff pair.

Some time if your shoes have a vent on the bottom the rain/spray will get in through there or sometimes you can find the water runs down your leg and into your socks that way. I have found this on the odd occasion when on my MTB.

Please don't refrain to return them for an exchange or refund with proof of purchase.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
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Binnenband 700x18/25 Presta 48MM


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B'twin Overschoenen Aerofit 700 zwart