Wed'ze Boost 300

at your own pace

with ski boost 300 and adix 300

Traction and trajectory control
for skis that can accompany you as you progress

An innovation in the SKI industry: a new manufacturing method

The engineers at the brand Wed'ze have totally revamped the manufacturing process of their skis and come up with a new production method. Unlike traditional skis which are made from multiple superimposed 'layers', the ski boost 300 ArcHtec Wed'ze is composed of just two parts: the Archtec structure is a liquid composite.

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A liquid composite
for greater tolerance

A liquid composite with a greater or lesser amount of glass fibres regulates the flex of the ski. Only the soles, the edges and the bindings are not made from a composite.

Archtec structure
for better traction and handling
(on psd traction)

A 3-dimensional construction along the edges, the red part of the ski, guarantees great traction and handling.

James de Saint Julien
Ski products manager

We've worked for 5 years to update the Archtec innovation. By revolutionising the manufacturing process, we've managed to divide the manufacturing time by 6 and therefore make the products accessible to the greatest number of users


Accessible, efficient and
progressive skis

Progressive downhill skis: for beginners to intermediate levels. With spatula rocker and arch under the foot offering reliable grip on heavy snow. The boost 300 arcHtec skis will help your improvement.

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ArcHtec innovation for women:
Adix 300 skis

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5 of our customers tested them over a weekend,they will share their thoughts!

boost your experience: 3 days exploring arcHtec technology in the Mont Blanc valley.

We invited 5 customers to come and discover the Wed’ze design centre and learn how the boost 300 arcHtec skis were created. A 3-day experience in the Mont Blanc valley meeting the design teams.

Meet our ARCHTEC customer representatives
Philippe, 31 years old

Even when hitting
bends, the skis adapt
and remain very stable

Nadia, 32 years old

Skis for intermediate
skiers but also appropriate
for beginners

Benoît, 36 years old

Skis which support you
while you improve with
room for manoeuvre

Jessica, 28 years old

skis suited
to everybody

Pierre, 45 years old

I am
constantly improving
with these skis